Pape Celestine III

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Celestine III
Celestin III.jpg
Installed30 Mairch 1191
Term endit8 Januar 1198
PredecessorClement III
SuccessorInnocent III
Ordination13 Apryle 1191
Consecration14 Apryle 1191
bi Cardinal Ottaviano
Creatit CardinalFebruary 1144
bi Pape Celestine II
Personal details
Birth nameGiacinto Bobone
Bornc. 1106
Roum, Papal States, Haly Roman Empire
Deed(1198-01-08)8 Januar 1198
Roum, Papal States, Haly Roman Empire
Previous postCardinal-Deacon o Santa Maria in Cosmedin (1144-1191)
SloganPerfice gressus meos in semitis tuis ("Going in Thy path")
Ither papes named Celestine

Pape Celestine III (Laitin: Caelestinus III; c. 1106 – 8 Januar 1198), born Giacinto Bobone,[1] ringit frae 30 Mairch or 10 Apryle 1191[2] tae his daith in 1198.

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