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Pape Agapetus I

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Agapetus I, or Agapitus I, Pape (535–536), wis the son o Gordian, a priest that haed been ennit in throu the gilravages in the days o Pape Symmachus.

He thegither wi Cassiodorus biggit a leebrarie in Rome o ecclesiastical owthors in the Greek an Laitin, an helpit Cassiodorus wi the project at Vivarium o pittin the staundart Greek philosophers ower intil Laitin.

King Theodahad o the Ostrogoths sent him on an legetion tae Constantinople, tae slock Emperor Justinian I follaein the daith o Amalasuntha. Thare, he flytit the patriarch Anthimus I anent the Monophysite heresy, an haein taen him in flyte, deponed the patriarch an ordeenit Menas his successor. He dee'd no lang efter, on the 22nt o Aprile, 536.

John II
Pape Agapetus I
535 - 536
Saint Silverius
Leet o papes