Pape Gregory XII

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Gregory XII
Installed 30 November 1406
Term endit 4 Julie 1415
Predecessor Innocent VII
Successor Martin V
Consecration 12 Juin 1405
Personal details
Birth name Angelo Correr or Corraro
Born c. 1326 or atween 1335 an 1345
Venice, Republic o Venice
Died (1417-10-18)18 October 1417
Recanati, Marche, Papal States
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Ither papes named Gregory

Pape Gregory XII (Laitin: Gregorius XII; c. 1326 – 18 October 1417), born Angelo Correr or Corraro, wis Pape frae 30 November 1406 tae Julie 1415 when he wis forced tae resign tae end the Wastren Schism. He succeedit Pape Innocent VII an in turn wis succeedit bi Pape Martin V.