Pape Alexander II

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Alexander II, né Anselmo Baggio (d. Aprile 21, 1073), pape fae 1061 tae 1073, wis a bairn o Milan. As bishop o Lucca he haed been a fersle coadjutor wi Hildebrand in ettlin tae smuir simony, an tae gar the clergy haud the Cœlibat. His election, that Hildebrand haed redd in conformitie wi the decern o 1059 (see Pape Nicholas II), wis nae greed wi bi the imperial coort o Germany. This coort, true tae the haunt observed bi it in the afore gaun elections, homologated anither candidate, Cadalus, bishop o Parma, that wis cried bi the cooncil o Basel unner the name o Honorius II, mairched tae Roum, an for a lang time thraitent his rival's poseetion. At lenth, houaniver, he wis forleetit bi the Germanic coort an deponed bi a cooncil hauden at Mantua; an Alexander's poseetion baud unchailenged. Alexander wis follaed bi his associate Hildebrand, that takkit the teitle o Gregory VII.

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