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Pape John XIV

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John XIV (dee'd Augist 20, 984), Pape frae 983 tae 984, successor tae Benedict VII, wis born at Pavia, an afore his hystin tae the papal chair wis imperial chancellor o Otto II, an wis the latter's seicont chyce.

His oreeginal name wis Peter, but he chynged it tae evite bein likent wi St.Peter hissel.

Otto dee'd short syne aifter his election; his heir, Otto III bein juist 3 year auld. Antipape Boniface VII, on the strenth o the strang feelin agin the new pape, cam back fae frae Constantinople an sent John tae the jyle, in Castel Sant'Angelo, whaur he dee'd aither fae hunger or pushion.

Dee'd on Augist 20t, 984; Papes Benedict XIV an Pius X baith dee'd on Augist 20t.

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