Pape Pius IX

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Blessed Pape
Pius IX
Installed 16 Juin 1846
Term endit 7 Februar 1878
Predecessor Gregory XVI
Successor Leo XIII
Ordination 10 Aprile 1819
Consecration 3 Juin 1827
bi Pape Pius VIII
Creatit Cardinal 14 December 1840
bi Pape Gregory XVI
Personal details
Birth name Giovanni Maria
Born 13 Mey 1792(1792-05-13)
Senigallia, Marche, Papal States
Died 7 Februar 1878(1878-02-07) (aged 85)
Apostolic Palace, Roum, Italy
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Feast day 7 Februar
Teetle as Saunt Blessed
Beatified 3 September 2000
Saunt Peter's Square, Vatican Ceety
bi Pape John Paul II
Ither papes named Pius

Blessed Pape Pius IX (Laitin: Pius IX; 13 Mey 1792 – 7 Februar 1878), born Giovanni Maria Mastai-Ferretti, wis the heid o the Roman Catholic Church frae 16 Juin 1846 tae his daith in 1878. He wis the langest-reignin electit pape in the history o the Catholic Kirk — totallin nearly 32 years. During his pontificate, he convened the First Vatican Cooncil in 1869, which decreed papal infallibility, but the cooncil wis cut short in 1870.