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Pape Benedict XVI

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Pape Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI (Laitin: Benedictus PP. XVI, German: Benedikt XVI, Italian: Benedetto XVI; born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger on 16 Aprile 1927 an deid 31 December 2022) wis the (Twa hundert an saxtie fift) 265th ringin Pape, the heid o the Roman Catholic Kirk an sovereign o Vatican Ceity. He wis electit on 19 Aprile 2005, in a papal conclave that he moderated ower in his capacity as dean o the College o Cardinals. He slockened his Papal Handsel Mass on 24 Aprile 2005 an wis enthroned in the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano on Mey 7t, 2005.

Ane o the maist influential academic theologians syne the 1960s an Owthor o mony beuks, he is seen as conservative an a sib ally o his Aforecomer, Pape John Paul II. He serred as Airchbishop o Munich, Prefect o the Congregation for the Lair o the Faith an Dean o the College o Cardinals afore bein makkit the Pape.

The Pape in parteecular emphasizes the need for Europe tae tak back whit he sees as it's vailyies, acause o the increasin secularisation o maist o the Wastren Warld. He visitit Scotland on 16 September 2010 as pairt o a state veesit tae the Unitit Kinrick.

Benedict XVI demittit as Pape on 28 Februar 2013, in the first papal demission syne 1415, an wis succeedit bi Pape Francis on 13 Mairch.

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Pape Benedict XVI
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