Pape Benedict XVI

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Pape Benedict XVI

Benedict XVI (Laitin: Benedictus PP. XVI, German: Benedikt XVI, Italian: Benedetto XVI; born Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger on 16 Aprile 1927) wis the (Twa hundert an saxtie fift) 265th ringin Pape, the heid o the Roman Catholic Kirk an sovereign o Vatican Ceity. He wis electit on 19 Aprile , 2005, in a papal conclave that he moderated ower in his capacity as dean o the College o Cardinals. He slockened his Papal Handsel Mass on Aprile 24, 2005 an wis enthroned in the Basilica di San Giovanni in Laterano on Mey 7t, 2005.

Ane o the maist influential academic theologians syne the 1960s an Owthor o mony beuks, he is seen as conservative an a sib ally o his Aforecomer, Pope John Paul II. He serred as Airchbishop o Munich, Prefect o the Congregation for the Lair o the Faith an Dean o the College o Cardinals afore bein makkit the Pape.

The Pape in parteecular emphasizes the need for Europe tae tak back whit he sees as it's vailyies, acause o the increasin secularisation o maist o the Wastren Warld.

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Pape Benedict XVI
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