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Servant o God, Pape
Pius VII
Sir Thomas Lawrence - Pope Pius VII (1742-1823) - Google Art Project.jpg
Portrait bi Thomas Lawrence (1819)
Installed 14 Mairch 1800
Term endit 20 August 1823
Predecessor Pius VI
Successor Leo XII
Ordination 21 September 1765
Consecration 21 December 1782
bi Francesco Saverio de Zelada
Creatit Cardinal 14 Februar 1785
bi Pius VI
Personal details
Birth name Barnaba Niccolò Maria Luigi Chiaramonti
Born 14 August 1742(1742-08-14)
Cesena, Papal States
Died 20 August 1823(1823-08-20) (aged 81)
Roum, Papal States
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Motto Aquila Rapax (Rapacious eagle)[1]
Coat o airms {{{coat_of_arms_alt}}}
Veneratit in Roman Catholic Kirk
Teetle as Saunt Servant o God
Patronage Diocese o Savona[2]
Ither papes named Pius

Pius VII, O.S.B., born Giorgio Barnaba Luigi Chiaramonti (Augist 14t, 1742Augist 20t, 1823), wis Pape fae Mairch 14t, 1800 tae Augist 20t, 1823.

Chiaramonti wis born at Cesena intil a bien Italian familie. He wis eddicatit in Ravenna afore jynin the Benedictine prattick in 1756 tae conteena his studies. He syne became a dominine in the prattick. His career becam a series o swipper promotions follaein the election o a familie freend, Giovanni Braschi, as Pape Pius VI. Pius trystit him abbot o San Callisto in Roum in 1776 an aifter makkin him a beeshop makkit him a cairdinal in Februar 1785.

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Pape Pius VII
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