Pape Gregory III

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Pape Saunt
Gregory III
Installed11 February 731
Term endit28 November 741
PredecessorGregory II
Personal details
Birth nameGregorius
Bornca. 669
Deed(741-11-28)28 November 741
Roum, Exarchate o Ravenna
Ither papes named Gregory

Pape Gregory III (Laitin: Gregorius III; died 28 November 741) wis Bishop o Roum frae 11 Februar 731 tae his daith in 741.[2] His pontificate, lik that o his predecessor, wis disturbed bi the iconoclastic controversy in the Byzantine Empire, an bi the ongangin advance o the Lombards, in which he invoked the intervention o Charles Martel, awtho ultimately in vain. He wis the 5t Sirian pape an the 10t an last pape born ootside o Europe till the election o Pape Francis in 2013, which wis 1,272 year later.

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