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Pape John XXIII

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Pape Saunt
Installed28 October 1958
Term endit3 Juin 1963
PredecessorPius XII
SuccessorPaul VI
Ordination10 August 1904
Consecration19 Mairch 1925
bi Giovanni Tacci Porcelli
Creatit Cardinal12 Januar 1953
bi Pius XII
Personal details
Birth nameAngelo Giuseppe Roncalli
Born25 November 1881(1881-11-25)
Sotto il Monte, Kinrick o Italy
Deed3 Juin 1963(1963-06-03) (aged 81)
Apostolic Palace, Vatican Ceety
Previous post
  • Titular Airchbishop o Areopolis (1925–34)
  • Offeecial tae Bulgarie (1925–31)
  • Apostolic Delegate tae Bulgarie (1931–34)
  • Titular Airchbishop o Mesembria (1934–53)
  • Apostolic Delegate tae Turkey (1934–44)
  • Apostolic Delegate tae Greece (1934–44)
  • Apostolic Nuncio tae Fraunce (1944–53)
  • Cardinal-Priest o Santa Prisca (1953–58)
  • Patriarch o Venice (1953–58)
Slogan[Obedientia et Pax] error: {{lang}}: text has italic markup (help) (Obedience an Peace)
Coat o airms{{{coat_of_arms_alt}}}
Feast day11 October
Teetle as SauntBlessed (Saunt as o 27 Aprile 2014)
Beatified3 September 2000
Saunt Peter's Square, Vatican Ceety
bi Pape John Paul II
PatronagePapal delegates [1]
Ither papes named John

Pape John XXIII (Laitin: Ioannes XXIII), born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli (Italian pronunciation: [ˈandʒelo dʒuˈzɛppe roŋˈkalli]; 25 November 1881 – 3 Juin 1963), wis the heid o the Roman Catholic Church frae 28 October 1958 tae his daith in 1963.

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