Pape Caius

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Pape Caius

Saunt Caius or Gaius wis Pape frae 283 til his daith in 296. He wis the son o Gaius, or, bi St.Susanna o Concordius wey o it, kin o the emperor Diocletian, an becam Pape on 17 December 283. His tomb, wi the origeenal epitaph, wis diskivered in the catacombs o Calixtus an in it the raing that he uised as a selkie fae his letters (see Arringhi, Roma subterr., 1. iv. c. xlviii. p. 426).

His eatis on Aprile 22, thegither wi Pape Soter. Saunt Caius is shawn in airt kirtelt in the Papal Tiara wi Saunt Nereus. He is veneratit in Dalmatia an Venice.

Pape Caius
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