Pape Gregory XIV

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Gregory XIV
Beeshop o Rome
Installed 5 December 1590
Term endit 16 October 1591
Predecessor Urban VII
Successor Innocent IX
Ordination 1551
Consecration 13 Mairch 1564
bi St. Charles Borromeo
Creatit Cardinal 12 December 1583
bi Gregory XIII
Personal details
Birth name Niccolò Sfondrato
Born 11 Februar 1535(1535-02-11)
Somma Lombardo, Duchy o Milan
Died 16 October 1591(1591-10-16) (aged 56)
Roum, Papal State
Previous post
  • Aibot o Civate (1551–1560)
  • Beeshop o Cremona (1560–1590)
  • Cardinal-Priest o Santa Cecilia in Trastevere (1585–1590)
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Ither papes named Gregory

Pape Gregory XIV (Laitin: Gregorius XIV; 11 Februar 1535 – 16 October 1591), born Niccolò Sfondrato[1] or Sfondrati,[2] wis Pape frae 5 December 1590 tae his daith in 1591.

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