Pape Leo X

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Leo X
Installed9 Mairch 1513 (elected)
11 Mairch 1513 (proclaimed)
Term endit1 December 1521
PredecessorJulius II
SuccessorAdrian VI
Consecration17 Mairch 1513
bi Raffaele Sansone Riario
Creatit Cardinal26 Mairch 1492
Personal details
Birth nameGiovanni de' Medici[1]
Born11 December 1475(1475-12-11)
Florence, Republic o Florence
Deed1 December 1521(1521-12-01) (aged 45)
Roum, Papal States
Ither papes named Leo

Pape Leo X (11 December 1475 – 1 December 1521), born Giovanni di Lorenzo de' Medici, wis the heid o the Catholic Kirk frae 9 Mairch 1513 til his daith in 1521.[2] The seicont son o Lorenzo the Magnificent, ruler o the Florentine Republic, he wis promuived tae the cardinalate in 1489; subsequently promuivin tae the rank o cardinal-deacon.

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