Pape Paschal II

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Paschal II
Pope Paschal II.jpg
Installed 13 August 1099
Term endit 21 Januar 1118
Predecessor Urban II
Successor Gelasius II
Creatit Cardinal 1073
bi Gregory VII
Personal details
Birth name Ranierius
Born 1050–55
Bleda, Mairch o Tuscany, Haly Roman Empire
Died (1118-01-21)21 Januar 1118
Roum, Papal States, Haly Roman Empire
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Pape Paschal II (Laitin: Paschalis II; 1050 x 1055 – 21 Januar 1118), born Ranierius, wis Pape frae 13 August 1099 tae his daith in 1118.