Pape Pius V

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Pape Saunt
Pius V
Beeshop o Roum
Papa Pio V.PNG
Installed 7 Januar 1566
Term endit 1 Mey 1572
Predecessor Pius IV
Successor Gregory XIII
Ordination 1528
Consecration 14 September 1556
bi Giovanni Michele Saraceni
Creatit Cardinal 15 Mairch 1557
bi Pape Paul IV
Personal details
Birth name Antonio Ghislieri
Born 17 Januar 1504(1504-01-17)
Bosco, Duchy o Milan
Died 1 Mey 1572(1572-05-01) (aged 68)
Roum, Papal States
Previous post
Motto Utinam dirigantur viæ meæ ad custodiendas justificationes tuas (O that ma weys mey be directit tae keep thy juistifications)[1]
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Feast day
Veneratit in Catholic Kirk
Beatified 1 May 1672
bi Pape Clement X
Canonized 22 Mey 1712
bi Pape Clement XI
Ither papes named Pius

Saunt Pius V, né Antonio Ghislieri, fae 1518 cried Michele Ghislieri (17 Januar, 1504 – 1 Mey, 1572) wis Pape fae 1566 tae 1572 an is a saunt o the Roman Catholic Kirk. Airlie on inrowed intae the Inquiseetion, as Pape he wis a fell pursuer o heretics an Protestants.

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