Pape Clement I

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Pape Saunt
Clement I
San Clemente, Papa, por Juan Correa de Vivar.jpg
Term endit99
Personal details
Born1st century AD
Roum, Roman Empire
Deedtradeetionally 99 or 101
Taurica, Bosporan Kinrick
(modren-day Crimea, Roushie/Ukraine)
Feast day
  • 23 November (Catholic)
  • 24 November (Eastren Churches)
  • 25 November (Roushie)
Veneratit in
  • Mariners
  • Stane-cutters[1]
Ither papes named Clement

Pape Clement I (Laitin: Clemens Romanus; Greek: Κλήμης Ῥώμης; died 99), forby kent as Saunt Clement o Roum, is leetit bi Irenaeus an Tertullian as Bishop o Roum, hauldin office frae 92 tae his daith in 99.[2]

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