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The destrict o Büyükçekmece
The destrict o Büyükçekmece
Location o Büyükçekmece in Istanbul
Location o Büyükçekmece in Istanbul
Büyükçekmece is located in Turkey
Location o Büyükçekmece in Istanbul
Coordinates: 41°01′12″N 28°34′39″E / 41.02000°N 28.57750°E / 41.02000; 28.57750Coordinates: 41°01′12″N 28°34′39″E / 41.02000°N 28.57750°E / 41.02000; 28.57750
 • MayorHasan Akgün (CHP)
 • GovrenorIsmail Gündüz
 • Total239 km2 (92 sq mi)
 • Total192,843
 • Density810/km2 (2,100/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+2 (EET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+3 (EEST)
Area code(s)0-212
Websitewww.bcekmece.bel.tr www.buyukcekmece.gov.tr

Büyükçekmece is a destrict an municipality (belediye) in the suburbs o Istanbul, Turkey on the Sea o Marmara coast o the European side, wast o the ceety. It is lairgely an industrial aurie wi a population o 380,000. The mayor is Hasan Akgün (CHP).

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The laund aroond this inlet o the Sea o Marmara, haes been settled, abandoned an resettled throuoot history as airmy efter airmy passed alang the coast tae Istanbul. It is thocht tae be the steid o the Greek colony on the Marmara shore cried "Athyra". The Ottoman airchitect Mimar Sinan built a brig tae cross the mooth o the inlet (Lake Büyükçekmece) an thare are ruins o inns an caravansarai, which show this was a stoppin place on the road tae Europe. At the beginnin o the Ottoman period, it wis empty forest an fermland, an haes gradually been settled bi Turkis fowk migratin in frae the Balkans an the Caucasus.

In the early years o the Turkis Republic, it wis still vera landwart, wi veelage cottages, fermland ahint, an bi the sea the odd weekend hame for fowk o Istanbul. The aurie wis a vera popular day or weekend trip frae the ceety, thare is a sandy shoreline, a lang seafront an till the 1970s faimilies wad come oot tae Büyükçekmece for fishin, crabbin or for a day on the beach.

Büyükçekmece the day[eedit | eedit soorce]

The aurie admeenistered bi Büyükçekmece includes a lairge hinterland ahint the Marmara shore, some o it still landwart.

In the centre o Büyükçekmece itsel, thare are still tea gardens on the seafront an ither places for kids tae play while their faimilies sit, picnic an enjoy the sea views. These are nou uised bi day trippers frae the ceety, especially the nearbi dense wirkin-class hoosin auries such as Avcılar.

Thare are nae holiday-makers nou, they hae muivit further oot frae the ceety as syne the 1950s the aurie haes become industrialised, ower-built wi apairtment biggins, an populatit bi migrants frae Anatolie. The day, the inlet an the Marmara Sea are baith vera polluted and the infrastructur o an industrial ceety is nou in place.

Lake Büyükçekmece wus connectit tae the sea till it wis separatit bi a dam tae supply fresh watter tae Istanbul. The brig o Mimar Sinan is locatit in this aurie.

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