Antalya Province

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Antalya Province (Turkis: Antalya ili) is province locatit on the Mediterranean coast o soothwast Turkey, atween the Taurus Muntains an the Mediterranean Sea.

Antalya Province is the centre o Turkey's tourism industry, attractin 30% o foreign tourists visitin Turkey. The province o Antalya corresponds tae the lands o auncient Pamphylie tae the east an Lycia tae the wast. It featurs a shoreline o 657 km (408 mi) wi beaches, ports, an auncient ceeties scattered throughoot, includin the Warld Heritage Steid Xanthos. The provincial caipital is Antalya ceety wi a population o 1,001,318.

Antalya is the fastest-growin province in Turkey; wi a 4.17% yearly population growthe rate atween years 1990-2000, compared wi the naitional rate f 1.83%. This growthe is due tae a fast rate o urbanization, pairticularly driven bi tourism an ither service sectors on the coast.

Etymology[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety an sicweys the province are namit efter Attalos II, king o Pergamon, who foondit the ceety in the 2nt century BC.

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Coordinates: 37°10′54″N 30°56′00″E / 37.18167°N 30.93333°E / 37.18167; 30.93333