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Alanya (pronounced [aˈɫanja]), formerly Alaiye, is a beach resort ceety an a component destrict o Antalya Province in the Mediterranean Region o Turkey, 166 kilometres (103 mi) frae the ceety o Antalya. On the soothren coast o Turkey, the destrict (which includes the ceety an its built-up aurie) haes an aurie o 1,598.51 km2 an (2010 Census) 248,286 inhabitants (ceety 98,627).[1] The population is amaist entirely o Turkis oreegin, but is hame tae aroond 10,000 European residents.

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Coordinates: 36°32′37″N 31°59′59″E / 36.5436°N 31.9997°E / 36.5436; 31.9997