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Kilis Province

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Kilis Province

Kilis ili
Location of Kilis Province in Turkey
Location of Kilis Province in Turkey
RegionSootheastren Anatolie
 • Electoral destrictKilis
 • Tot1,642 km2 (634 sq mi)
 • Tot130,825
 • Density80/km2 (210/sq mi)
Area code(s)0348
Vehicle registration79

Kilis Province (Turkis: Kilis ili) is a province in sooth-central Turkey. It uised tae be the soothren pairt o the province o Gaziantep an wis formed in 1994. The ceety o Kilis is hame tae aroond 67% o the indwallers o the province, the ither touns an veelages are vera sma.


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Thare is evidence o human occupation frae 4,000 year ago, in the Middle Bronze Age. The region haes been ruled bi the Hurrians, the Assyrian Empire, the Hittite Empire, the Persian Empire, the Macedonian Empire, the Roman Empire (includin the Byzantine Empire), an feenally bi the Ottoman Empire.

Places o historical interest include a nummer o burial munds, castles an mosques.


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Kilis is locatit in the soothren fuithills o the Taurus Muntains wast o the Euphrates River on the northren edge o the Sirie Plain. The destrict contains auries o guid agricultural land, watered bi sma rivers an 68% o the land aurie o Kilis is plantit. Amaist 4% o Turkey's grape production comes frae Kilis. Ither important agricultural products are olives, fruit, wheat, baurley an tobacco. A Mediterranean climate dominates ower the region, which is aroond 60 tae 80 km away frae the sea. Winters are ceul an rainy, spring an hairst months warm, an simmers are het. Average winter temperatures are 4 tae 7 degrees Celsius, while in simmer the temperatures dae no faw unner 25 degrees Celsius.

Thare is a mairch crossin intae Sirie, frae whaur the road goes sooth tae the Sirian ceety o Aleppo.

Kilis is traversed bi the northeasterly line o equal latitude an langitude.

Prominent citizens

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Kilis province is dividit intae 4 destricts (caipital destrict in bauld):


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Coordinates: 36°48′03″N 37°07′26″E / 36.80083°N 37.12389°E / 36.80083; 37.12389