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Van Province

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Van Province

Van ili
Location of Van Province in Turkey
Location of Van Province in Turkey
RegionEastren Anatolie
 • Electoral destrictVan
 • Tot19,069 km2 (7,363 sq mi)
 • Tot1,100,190
 • Density58/km2 (150/sq mi)
Area code(s)0432[2]
Vehicle registration65

Van Province (Turkis: Van ili) is a province in eastren Turkey, atween Lake Van an the Iranian border. It is 19,069 km2 in area an haes a population o 1,035,418.

Its adjacent provinces are Bitlis tae the wast, Siirt tae the soothwast, Şırnak an Hakkâri tae the sooth, an Ağrı tae the north. The caipital is Van (Armenie: Վան Van, Kurdish: Wan‎). The province an the surroondin area is the hame o famous Van kedisi (Van cat).

On Januar 9, 1990 in Van wis recordit the lawest temperatur in Turkey wi -46.4 °C.


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Van province is dividit intae 12 destricts (destrict caipitals in bauld):


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This area wis the hertland o Armenians, who lived in thir areas frae the time o Hayk in the 3rd millennium BC richt up tae the late 19t century when the Ottoman Empire seized aw the land frae the natives.[3] In the 9t century BC the Van area wis the centre o the Urartian kinrick.[4] Frae 7t century BC up tae Islamic conquest o Persians (640 AD), Van haes been unner different Persian dynasties o Merdia, Achaemenids, Arcasids an Sassanids. In 908-1021 wis central pairt o Armenian Kinrick o Vaspurakan, then jynt Byzantine Empire. Wi the Seljuq victory at the Battle o Malazgirt in 1071, juist north o Lake Van,[5] it became a pairt o Seljuq Empire an later the Ottoman Empire. For centuries efter that, the area wis a major Armenian population centre.

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Coordinates: 38°29′57″N 43°40′13″E / 38.49917°N 43.67028°E / 38.49917; 43.67028