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 • MayorŞakir Yücel Karaman (AKP)
 • KaymakamSeyfettin Azizoğlu
 • Destrict7.17 km2 (2.77 sq mi)
 • Destrict
 • Destrict density44,000/km2 (110,000/sq mi)
Destrict location in Istanbul

Güngören (Turkis pronunciation: [ˈɟynɟøɾen]) is a sma industrial an wirkin cless residential destrict o Istanbul, Turkey.[2] It is locatit near the destrict o Bakırköy. The mayor is Şakir Yücel Karaman (AKP).

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Güngören is haurd tae distinguish frae its neebourin destricts in the industrial aurie north o the E5 heich-gate, destricts sic as Merter or the poorer pairts o Bahçelievler. Lik thaim it haes seen a rapid an uncontrolled influx o migrants frae Anatolie syne the 1950s. In 1955 this wis an open space wi a sma veelage namit Vidos on it. Then a main road oot o the ceety tae the wast wis put throu here an fowk began tae big hooses near the road. Maist wur biggit illegally. The day thare are 237,000 crammed intae a ticht mass o cheap apairtment blocks. The destrict wis the steid o the 2008 Istanbul bombins.[3]

Güngören the day[eedit | eedit soorce]

The hoosin destricts o Güngören are slichtly aulder an better establisht than ither destricts o 1980s migrants tae the ceety, sic as Esenler or Bağcılar, but still conseest o narrae streets lined wi sax or sieven-story apairtment biggins wi nae space atween thaim. The difference is that the biggins are slichtly better-maintained an thare are mair shops in the streets. But still staundarts o livin are law.

Ither pairts o Güngören are faceless, nameless poorly-lit muddy roads lined wi factories. Creeme is a problem. Certainly the industrial estates are no walcomin efter daurk.

Lately, the municipality haes stairtit tae impruive the infrastructur, an haes extendit the tram frae Zeytinburnu tae impruive the transportation in an oot o the destrict.

Reaction tae Recep İvedik[eedit | eedit soorce]

We are uneasy that oor destrict is bein mentioned bi a character like İvedik, proclaimed Abdullah Yılmaz, preses o the Youth Cooncil for Güngören Destrict, in response tae the release o the film Recep İvedik 3 featurin a "red neck" comedy character portrayed as residin in the destrict, Güngören is a destrict whaur educatit an intellectual fowk live. It is no richt tae associate Güngören wi an impolite character who does no ken ony manners, he continued afore statin that the cooncil wad tak action tae prevent the destrict frae bein mentioned in a fowert film in the series.[4]

Notes[eedit | eedit soorce]

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