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Banner o Sultangazi
Location o Sultangazi in Istanbul an Turkey
Location o Sultangazi in Istanbul, Turkey
Sultangazi is locatit in Turkey
Location o Sultangazi in Istanbul, Turkey
Coordinates: 41°12′57″N 28°44′05″E / 41.21583°N 28.73472°E / 41.21583; 28.73472[1]
Kintra Turkey
Province Istanbul Province
 • Mayor Cahit Altunay (AKP)
 • Govrenor Yusuf Ziya Çelikkaya
Population (2011)
 • Tot 483,225
Time zone EET (UTC+2)
 • Simmer (DST) EEST (UTC+3)
Postal code 34260, 34265, 34270
Aurie code(s) 0-212

Sultangazi is ane o Istanbul's new destricts. It wis foondit in 2009 for "New Local Govrenment Law" in Istanbul, Turkey.

Esenler an Başakşehir are at wast, Gaziosmanpaşa is at sooth, an Eyüp is at north an east. Gaziosmanpaşa destrict wur dividit tae three destricts, Sultangazi is one o thaim an it's at obvious.

The TEM heich-gate draws tae border wi Gaziosmanpaşa.

Sultangazi is dividit intae three neebourheids: Habibler, Gazi an Sultançiftliği. The name o "Sultangazi" comes frae "Sultan" wird pairt o Sultançiftliği (meanin ferm o Sultan) an the neebourheid o Gazi.

This destrict's population is croudit, includes immigrants frae Bulgarie an Yugoslavie, an Black Sean Turkis populations. Kurdish minority an Alevi fowk exist in this destrict an aw, especially in Gazi neebourheid which commonly kent in Turkey wi 1995 riots.

Sultangazi haes 3 precincts, 11 neebourheids an 1 veelage.

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