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Londonderry (Ulster Scotch an Inglis spellin o Lunnonderry), kent by monie fowk as Derry, is the seicont mukkilest ceitie in Northren Ireland (eftir Belfast) an the fowert-mukkilest ceitie on the iland o Ireland. In the 2001 Census the ceitie proper haed 83,652 indwallers.

The ceitie ligs in the nor'wast o Northren Ireland naur the mairch wi Coonty Dunnygal, whilk is pairt o the Republic o Ireland. The ceitie is naur the mooth o Loch Foyle an kivers baith banks o the River Foyle. The auld wawd ceitie o Derry is on the wast bank o the River Foyle. The wast bank is aften kent as "Ceitiesyd" whyls the aest bank is aften kent as "Wattirsyd".

In 2013, Derry became the first Unitit Kinrick Ceitie o Cultur, haein been gien the teetil in Julie 2010.[1][2]

Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

The name Derry is an anglifee'd form o the auld Erse Daire, spelt Doire in modren Erse, meinin "aiken-shaw". In 1613, the ceitie wis grantit a Ryal Chairter bi King James I an the "Lunnon" prefix wis eikit, chyngin its name til Lunnonderry. A Hie Coort deceision in Januar 2007 statit that this byds sae.[3][4]

Houaniver, the ceitie is mair aften kent as Derry an this is the name broukit bi the ceitie cooncil, airport, fitbaw club an rigby club.

Historie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceitie is ane o the auldest touns in Ireland, wi the auldest records, datin frae the 6t centurie. The ceitie wis shent durin the Tudor owertakin o Ireland in 1608.

In the 17t centurie, durin the plantations o Ulster, monie Breetish fowk cam til Derry.

Durin the 19t centurie monie fowk left aucht til the Erse Faimine.

Follaein the parteition o Ireland in 1921, the toun becam a mairch ceitie.

Eftir the Northren Ireland Ceivil Richts Muvement wis declared unlawfu, the ceitie wis gey affectit bi The Tribbles, wi a lot o fechtin atwein Catholic Naitionalists an Protestant Unionists.

Demografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

Nouadays, thar is 90,736 fowk bydin in the Urban Airt; 77.8% o thir fowk is Catholic, wi maist o the lave bein Protestant.

Sport[eedit | eedit soorce]

Baith fitbaw an Gaelic Fitbaw is weil-likit in the ceitie. The Derry Ceitie Fitbaw Club plays in the Leig o Ireland, in the Republic o Ireland, aucht ti croud tribbil in the bygane.

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Coordinates: 54°59′30″N 7°20′30″W / 54.9917°N 7.3417°W / 54.9917; -7.3417