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Tigre Partido

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Tigre Partido

Partido de Tigre
 • IntendentJulio César Zamora (Frente Renovador)
 • Laund220 km2 (80 sq mi)
 • Total380,709 [1]
Area code(s)011

Tigre Partido is a partido or municipality o Buenos Aires Province, Argentinae, situatit in the north o Greater Buenos Aires. The depairtment covers a muckle section o the Paraná Delta an its law-leein islands. The main toun o the diveesion is Tigre; ither touns include Don Torcuato, El Talar, General Pacheco, Benavídez.

The partido is boond tae the north bi the Paraná de las Palmas River, tae the northeast bi the Río de la Plata, tae the sootheast bi San Fernando Partido, tae the sooth bi San Martín Partido, tae the soothwast bi Malvinas Argentinas Partido an tae the wast bi Escobar Partido.

Its total aurie includin the islands is 368 km² an its population wis 380,709 as o 2010.[1]

The partido wis oreeginally namit 'Las Conchas' after a local river (nou kent as the Reconquista River), but became popularly kent as 'Tigre' in the 19t hunderyear. Tigre wis the name o a stream an aw an is thocht tae derive frae the tigres or jaguars seen in the aurie when first settled. The municipality offeecially chyngit its name tae Tigre in 1952.

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