Sarandí, Buenos Aires

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Sarandí is located in Greater Buenos Aires
Coordinates: 34°41′S 58°20′W / 34.683°S 58.333°W / -34.683; -58.333
Kintra Argentinae
Province Buenos Aires
 (2001 census [INDEC])
 • Total60,752
CPA Base
B 1872
Area code(s)+54 11

Sarandí (Spaingie pronunciation: [saɾanˈdi]) is a ceety o the Avellaneda Partido in the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan aurie o Argentinae.[1] Sarandí is locatit tae the sooth o Buenos Aires.

The destrict haes a aurie o 54 km² an a population o 60,752 inhabitants (INDEC, 2001); the seicont maist populatit locality in the partido efter Avellaneda, wi 18,5% o its population. The main economical activity in the aurie is the leather industry, aften criticizit due tae the contamination o the Riachuelo River.

It is namit efter a native bush cried sarandí.

Sport[eedit | eedit soorce]

Sarandí is hame tae Arsenal de Sarandí, a fitbaw club that currently plays in the Argentine first diveesion.[2]

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