Boulogne Sur Mer

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For the French ceety, see Boulogne-sur-Mer. For ither places cried Boulogne, see Boulogne.
Boulogne Sur Mer
Boulogne Sur Mer is locatit in Greater Buenos Aires
Boulogne Sur Mer
Boulogne Sur Mer
Coordinates: 34°30′S 58°34′W / 34.500°S 58.567°W / -34.500; -58.567Coordinates: 34°30′S 58°34′W / 34.500°S 58.567°W / -34.500; -58.567
Kintra  Argentinae
Province Bandera Buenos Aires.svg Buenos Aires
Partido San Isidro
Elevation 16 m (52 ft)
Population (2001 census [INDEC])
 • Tot 73,496
CPA Base B 1643
Aurie code(s) +54 11

Boulogne Sur Mer is a toun in Buenos Aires Province, Argentinae. It is in San Isidro Partido an forms pairt o the Greater Buenos Aires urban conurbation, 26 km (16,25 mi) north o Buenos Aires. It haes a population o 73,496 (2001 INDEC census). The toun is namit efter the ceety o Boulogne-sur-Mer in northren Fraunce, whaur the Argentine general José de San Martín dee'd in 1850.

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