William C. Morris, Buenos Aires

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William C. Morris
William C. Morris is locatit in Greater Buenos Aires
William C. Morris
William C. Morris
Coordinates: 34°36′S 58°37′W / 34.600°S 58.617°W / -34.600; -58.617
Kintra Argentinae
ProvinceBandera Buenos Aires.svg Buenos Aires
15 m (49 ft)
 (2001 census [INDEC])
 • Tot48,916
CPA Base
B 1688
Aurie code(s)+54 11

William C. Morris is a toun in Buenos Aires Province, Argentinae. It forms pairt o the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan aurie an is locatit in the Hurlingham Partido.

Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

The toun is namit tae honour Inglishman William C. Morris (16 Februar 1864 - 15 September 1932), Methodist, educator an foonder o the first Methodist Chapel in Argentinae. He arrivit in Argentinae as a ten-year-auld youth wi his widaeed faither, an eventually foondit a series o childer's shelters in Buenos Aires. He returned tae England shortly afore his daith.[1]

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Freemit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

  • Municipal information: Municipal Affairs Federal Institute (IFAM), Municipal Affairs Secretariat, Meenistry o Interior, Argentinae. (in Spaingie)