Banfield, Buenos Aires

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The corner o Hipólito Yrigoyen Ave. an French St.
The corner o Hipólito Yrigoyen Ave. an French St.
Banfield is located in Greater Buenos Aires
Coordinates: 34°45′S 58°23′W / 34.750°S 58.383°W / -34.750; -58.383Coordinates: 34°45′S 58°23′W / 34.750°S 58.383°W / -34.750; -58.383
Kintra Argentinae
Province Buenos Aires
PartidoLomas de Zamora
16 m (52 ft)
 (2001 census [INDEC])
 • Total223,898
 • Density7851/km2 (20,330/sq mi)
CPA Base
B 1828
Area code(s)+54 11

Banfield is a ceety in the Lomas de Zamora Partido in Buenos Aires Province, Argentinae, 14 km (9 mi) sooth o the centre o Buenos Aires. It fuirms pairt o the Greater Buenos Aires metro aurie.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

In 1873 Banfield railwey station, namit efter the Inglisman Edward Banfield, the first general manager o the Breetish-awned Buenos Aires Great Southern Railway (Spaingie: Ferrocarril del Sud), wis opened. On 19 August 1873, the first plots o land in the aurie wur advertisit for sale an extensive development teuk place frae the 1880s onwairds.

Sports[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety is hame tae Club Atlético Banfield fitbaa club foondit in 1896, an tae the Lomas Athletic Sports Club.

Cultur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Banfield railwey station.
Larroque avenue.

Aiblins Banfield's maist significant cultural insitituion is its Julián Aguirre Conservatory o Muisic, foondit bi renoun clessical componer an conductor Alberto Ginastera, in 1951.

Hostin aboot 2,000 students yearly, it is the maist important schuil o clessical an choral muisic in Argentinae an is the alma mater o muisical instructors an scholars throuoot the kintra an Laitin Americae.

The writer Julio Cortázar, tho born in Belgium, spent hintle o his bairnheid in Banfield. Banfield wis hame o the renouned tango componer Alfredo De Angelis an the popular sangster Sandro an aw.

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