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Plaza San Martín
Plaza San Martín
Berazategui is locatit in Greater Buenos Aires
Coordinates: 34°43′S 58°15′W / 34.717°S 58.250°W / -34.717; -58.250
Kintra  Argentinae
Province Bandera Buenos Aires.svg Buenos Aires
Partido Berazategui
Foondit 1856
Elevation 22 m (72 ft)
Population (2001 census [INDEC])
 • Tot 167,498
 • Density 7,264/km2 (18,810/sq mi)
CPA Base B 1880 & B 1884
Aurie code(s) +54 11

Berazategui is a toun in Buenos Aires Province, Argentinae, locatit tae the sooth-east o Quilmes. It is the heid toun o the Berazategui Partido. It is pairt o the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan aurie.

The ceety haes the nickname "Capital Nacional del Vidrio" (Naitional Caipital o Glass), acause o the heich concentration o glassmakkin industries in the aurie.

Freemit airtins[eedit | eedit soorce]

Municipal information: Municipal Affairs Federal Institute (IFAM), Municipal Affairs Secretariat, Meenistry o Interior, Argentinae. (in Spaingie)

Parroquia Sagrada Familia