Martínez, Buenos Aires

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Anchorena station (Tren de la Costa)
Anchorena station (Tren de la Costa)
Martínez is located in Greater Buenos Aires
Coordinates: 34°29′S 58°30′W / 34.483°S 58.500°W / -34.483; -58.500Coordinates: 34°29′S 58°30′W / 34.483°S 58.500°W / -34.483; -58.500
Kintra Argentinae
Province Buenos Aires
PartidoSan Isidro
18 m (59 ft)
 (2001 census [INDEC])
 • Total65,859
CPA Base
B 1640
Area code(s)+54 11

Martínez is a ceety in San Isidro Partido, Buenos Aires Province. It is pairt o Greater Buenos Aires. It is servit bi a commuter train service, the Tren de la Costa tourist railwey line, an mony buses.

Martinez an its surroondins is a affluent aurie whaur mony well-tae-dae fowk live. It is considered relatively safe. Unicenter is a major shoppin centre. Some o the better cafes are Cafe Victoria an Cafe Martinez. A favored street is Calle Alvear.

The Martinez local govrenment haes recently set up a recyclin program.

Martínez shoud no be ramfeeselt wi Villa Martínez de Hoz.


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