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Ituzaingó Partido

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Partido de Ituzaingó
location o in Buenos Aires Province
location o in Buenos Aires Province
Coordinates: 34°39′08″S 58°40′30″W / 34.65222°S 58.67500°W / -34.65222; -58.67500
Established14 Mey 1995
Foondit biprovincial law 11610
 • MayorDr. Alberto Daniel Descalzo, PJ
 • Total38 km2 (15 sq mi)
 • Total168,419[1]
Postal Code
Aurie Code011

Ituzaingó is a partido in the Greater Buenos Aires urban aurie, Argentinae, 10 kilometres wast o Buenos Aires ceety. It haes a aurie o 38.51 km2 (14.9 sq mi) an a population o 168,419 (2010 census [INDEC]).[1] Its caipital, the ceety o Ituzaingó, an the ither destricts currently in Ituzaingó Partido wur pairt o the Morón Partido till 1995.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

The partido o ltuzaingó stems frae the Provincial Law No. 11,610 enactit on 28 Dizember 1994 when Eduardo Duhalde wis govrenor o the Province o Buenos Aires. It alloued the creation o the partidos o Hurlingham Partido an ltuzaingó frae the diveesion o the umwhile partido o Morón Partido.

Durin the elections of 14 Mey 1995 came the first electit offeecials o ltuzaingó Partido for 1995-1999: Alberto Daniel Descalzo wis electit mayor an teuk office on 11 Dizember that year at a ceremony in the haw acts o the Schuil No. 1. At the same time, the Ceety Cooncil wis constitutit bi Horacio Ramiro González (First Ceety Cooncil preses), Marcelo Nadal, Adalberto Montes de Oca, Luis Sosa, an Jose Gonzalez componin Justicialist Pairty bloc. Ricardo Vallarino, Ruben Rosso, an Alberto Fusco componin electoral coalition Frepaso-Pais bloc, an Yolanda Jaimez an Fernando Miño componin the Radical Ceevic Union bloc.[2]

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Sport[eedit | eedit soorce]

Ituzaingó Partido is hame tae Club Atlético Ituzaingó, a fitbaa club who currently play in the regionalisit 4t Diveesion.

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