Benito Juárez Partido

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Benito Juárez

Partido de Benito Juárez
Location o Benito Juárez Partido in Buenos Aires Province
Location o Benito Juárez Partido in Buenos Aires Province
Coordinates: 37°49′S 57°49′W / 37.817°S 57.817°W / -37.817; -57.817
Established31 October 1867
Foondit biprovincial law
SeatBenito Juárez
 • MayorJulio César Marini, FPV
 • Total20,402
Postal Code
Aurie Code02292

Benito Juárez is a partido in the sooth-central pairt o Buenos Aires Province in Argentinae.

The provincial subdiveesion haes a population o 20,402 inhabitants in a aurie o 5,285 km² (2,041 sq mi), an its caipital ceety is Benito Juárez. Aroond 14,000 o its inhabitants live in the caipital toun, 3,200 in the touns o Barker an Villa Cacique, an the rest in smawer veelages an landwart auries. The main economic activities are agricultur an cattle-raisin. The Partido an its caipital toun, are namit efter umwhile Mexican Preses Benito Juárez. The name wis chosen as a gestur o friendship atween Argentinae an México.

Touns[eedit | eedit soorce]

Population[eedit | eedit soorce]

Accordin tae the 2010 Naitional Census population reaches 20.402 inhabitants.

Population evolution in Benito Juárez Partido
1869 1895 1914 1947 1960 1970 1980 1991 2001 2010
Population 1.610 9.318 18.069 15.678 17.303 21.072 20.225 20.350 19.443 20.402
Change - +478,75% +93,91% -13,23% +10,36% +21,78% -4,01% +0,61% -4,45% +4.93%

Source: Instituto Nacional de Estadísticas y Censos, INDEC

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