Tres Arroyos Partido

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Tres Arroyos

Partido de Tres Arroyos
location o in Buenos Aires Province
location o in Buenos Aires Province
Coordinates: 38°22′S 60°16′W / 38.367°S 60.267°W / -38.367; -60.267
Foondit biDardo Rocha
SeatTres Arroyos
 • MayorCarlos Sánchez, Partido Vecinal
 • Total5 km2 (2 sq mi)
 • Total57,244
 • Density11,000/km2 (30,000/sq mi)
Postal Code
Aurie Code02983
Patron saunt?

The partido o Tres Arroyos is a subdiveesion o the Province o Buenos Aires in Argentinae. Locatit on the Atlantic coast o the province, it wis creatit in 1865 bi the provincial govrenment when they dividit the territory o Tres Arroyos intae the partidos o Coronel Suárez, Tres Arroyos an Coronel Pringles.

It haes a population o aboot 62,000 inhabitants in a aurie o 5,681 km², an its caipital ceety is Tres Arroyos, which is locatit aroound 580 km frae Buenos Aires.

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Sport[eedit | eedit soorce]

Tres Arroyos is hame o Huracán de Tres Arroyos, a great local institution wi a profeesional fitbaa team that play in the third category o the Argentine fitbaa (currently namit Argentino A).

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