Presidente Perón Partido

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Presidente Perón
Partido de Presidente Perón
location o Presidente Perón Partido in Gran Buenos Aires
location o Presidente Perón Partido in Gran Buenos Aires
Coordinates: 34°28′S 58°55′W / 34.467°S 58.917°W / -34.467; -58.917
Kintra Argentinae
Established 25 November 1993
Foondit bi provincial law
Seat Guernica
 • Mayor Alfonso Aníbal Regueiro, PJ
 • Total 120 km2 (50 sq mi)
 • Tot 60,191
 • Density 500/km2 (1,300/sq mi)
Demonym(s) peronense
Postal Code B1862
Aurie Code 02224
Patron saunt ?

Presidente Perón Partido is a partido locatit in the Greater Buenos Aires urban aurie in Buenos Aires Province, Argentinae.

The provincial subdiveesion haes a population o aboot 60,000 inhabitants in a aurie o 120.73 km², an its caipital ceety is Guernica, which is locatit aroond 38 km frae Buenos Aires.

Name[eedit | eedit soorce]

The Partido is namit in honour o Juan Domingo Perón (1895-1974), who servit as Preses o Argentinae, he servit twa terms atween 1946 an 1955, but he wis remuivit frae office bi a militar coup. He servit a third term atween 1973 an 1974 but dee'd in office.

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