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Coronel Rosales Partido

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Coronel Rosales

Partido de Coronel Rosales
location o Coronel Rosales Partido in Buenos Aires Province
location o Coronel Rosales Partido in Buenos Aires Province
Coordinates: 38°52′S 62°05′W / 38.867°S 62.083°W / -38.867; -62.083
Established15 October 1948
Foondit biprovincial law
SeatPunta Alta
 • MayorNéstor Hugo Starc
Partido Vecinalista
 • Total1 km2 (0.4 sq mi)
 • Total60,892
 • Density61,000/km2 (160,000/sq mi)
Postal Code
Aurie Code02932

Coronel Rosales Partido is a partido locatit on the soothren coast o Buenos Aires Province in Argentinae.

The provincial subdiveesion haes a population o aboot 61,000 inhabitants in a aurie o 1,312 km2 (507 sq mi), an its caipital ceety is Punta Alta, which is locatit aroond 650 km (404 mi) frae Buenos Aires.

Attractions[eedit | eedit soorce]

The coastal veelage o Pehuen Có is popular wi tourists frae Greater Buenos Aires an it benefits frae a bonnie beach, woodlands, a shipwreck, an some interestin fossils.

Sport[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety o Punta Alta is hame tae Sporting Punta Alta, a fitbaa club that play in the regionalised 4t Diveesion o Argentinian fitbaa.

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