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Partido de Lanús
location o Lanús Partido in Gran Buenos Aires
location o Lanús Partido in Gran Buenos Aires
Coordinates: 34°42′S 58°24′W / 34.700°S 58.400°W / -34.700; -58.400
Kintra Argentinae
Established 1 Januar 1945
Foondit bi provincial law
Seat Lanús
 • Mayor Darío Diaz Pérez, FPV
 • Total 45 km2 (17 sq mi)
 • Tot 453,500[1]
Demonym(s) lanusense
Postal Code B1824
Aurie Code 011
Patron saunt Santa Teresa de Jesus
The main avenue, Hipólito Yrigoyen, in Lanús destrict.

Lanús is a partido in Buenos Aires Province, Argentinae, locatit at the sooth o the Gran Buenos Aires urban conglomerate neighbouring Buenos Aires ceety.

The partido haes a aurie o 45 km2 (17 sq mi), an a population o 453,500 (2010 census [INDEC]).[1] Its caipital is the ceety o Lanús.

Lanús Partido is connectit tae the Buenos Aires ceety athort the Valentín Alsina Brig ower the Riachuelo River. The name o the partido comes frae the umwhile laund awner Anacarsís Lanús, who wis a pioneer in the urbanisation o the aurie.

Sports[eedit | eedit soorce]

The partido is hame tae Club Atlético Lanús, a fitbaa club currently playin in the Argentine Primera Diveesion.

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