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Hipólito Yrigoyen Avenue
Hipólito Yrigoyen Avenue
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Coordinates: 34°42′S 58°24′W / 34.700°S 58.400°W / -34.700; -58.400
Kintra Argentinae
ProvinceBandera Buenos Aires.svg Buenos Aires
Foondit20 October 1888
9 m (30 ft)
 (2010 census [INDEC])
 • Total212,152
CPA Base
B 1824
Area code(s)+54 11

Lanús (Spaingie pronunciation: [laˈnus]) is the caipital o Lanús Partido, Buenos Aires Province in Argentina. It lies juist sooth o the caipital ceety Buenos Aires, in the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan aurie. The ceety haes a population o 212,152 (2001 census [INDEC]), an the Partido de Lanús haes a total population o 453,500.

Lanús railwey station.

A major industrial centre, it is servit bi fricht an passenger railwey lines. The ceety haes chemical, armaments, textiles, paper, leather an rubber guids, wire, apparel, iles an lubricants industries, as well as tanneries, vegetable an fruit canneries. Several technical schuils are locatit in the ceety, as well as the Eva Perón Medical Center, ane o the lairgest in the Greater Buenos Aires aurie.

The ceety haes a fitbaa club, Club Atlético Lanús currently playin in the Argentine Primera División. Club Atlético Lanús haes a basketbaw team an aw.

Guillermo Gaebeler initiatit the toun's development, designin its first ceety master plan. Gaebeler establisht the toun as Villa General Paz on 20 October 1888, an namit its first streets an plazas efter the numerous battles wan bi General José María Paz in the Argentine Ceevil Wars o the mid-19t century. Lanús wis namit in honour o Anacarsis Lanús, who awned the laund whaur the ceety is the day locatit till his daith in 1888, in 1955.

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Municipal information: Municipal Affairs Federal Institute (IFAM), Municipal Affairs Secretariat, Meenistry o Interior, Argentinae. (in Spaingie)