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Eva Perón

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Eva Perón
First Leddy o Argentinae
In role
4 Juin 1946 – 26 Julie 1952
PresesJuan Perón
Precedit biConrada Victoria Farrell
Succeedit biMercedes Lonardi (1955)
Preses o the Eva Perón Foundation
In office
8 Julie 1948 – 26 Julie 1952
Precedit biPoseetion established
Succeedit biDelia Parodi
Preses o the Weemen's Peronist Pairty
In office
29 Julie 1949 – 26 Julie 1952
Precedit biPoseetion established
Succeedit biDelia Parodi
Personal details
BornEva María Duarte
7 Mey 1919(1919-05-07)
Los Toldos, Argentinae
Dee'd26 Julie 1952(1952-07-26) (aged 33)
Buenos Aires, Argentinae
Restin placeLa Recoleta Seemetry
Poleetical pairtyJusticialist Pairty
Weemen's Peronist Pairty
Spoose(s)Juan Perón (m. 1945)

María Eva Duarte de Perón (Spaingie pronunciation: [maˈɾi.a ˈeβa ˈðwarte ðe peˈɾon]; 7 Mey 1919 – 26 Julie 1952) wis the seicont wife o Preses Juan Perón (1895–1974) an served as the First Lady o Argentinae frae 1946 till her daith in 1952. She is aften referred tae as simply Eva Perón, or bi the affectionate Spaingie leid diminutive Evita, which literally translates intae Inglis as "Little Eva".

She wis born oot o wedlock in the village o Los Toldos in rural Argentinae in 1919, the fowert o five children. In 1934, at the age o 15, she went tae the naition's caipital o Buenos Aires, where she pursued a career as a stage, radio, an film actress. Eva met Colonel Juan Perón on Januar 22, 1944, in Buenos Aires durin a charity event at the Luna Park Stadium tae benefit the victims of an earthquake in San Juan, Argentinae. The twa wur married the follaein year. In 1946, Juan Perón wis electit Preses o Argentinae. Ower the course o the next sax years, Eva Perón became pouerful athin the pro-Peronist trade unions, essentially for speakin on behauf o labor richts. She an aa ran the Ministries o Labor an Health, foondit an ran the charitable Eva Perón Foundation, championed women's suffrage in Argentinae, an foundit an ran the naition's first lairge-scale female politeecal pairty, the Female Peronist Pairty.