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San Martín, Buenos Aires

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San Martín
San Martín Toun Square
San Martín Toun Square
San Martín is located in Greater Buenos Aires
San Martín
San Martín
Coordinates: 34°34′S 58°32′W / 34.567°S 58.533°W / -34.567; -58.533Coordinates: 34°34′S 58°32′W / 34.567°S 58.533°W / -34.567; -58.533
Kintra Argentinae
Province Buenos Aires
PartidoGeneral San Martín
28 m (92 ft)
 (2001 census [INDEC])
 • Total28,339
CPA Base
B 1650
Area code(s)+54 11

Ciudad del Libertador General Don José de San Martín, mair commonly kent as San Martín is the heid ceety o the General San Martín Partido in the Greater Buenos Aires metropolitan aurie.

Geografie[eedit | eedit soorce]

The ceety is bordered tae the north-east bi the Buenos Aires autonomous ceety. The aurie is hivily urbanised an is hame tae numerous fuid processin industries, as well as tae a muckle Peugeot-Citroën auto factory.

Sport[eedit | eedit soorce]

The toun is hame tae Chacarita Juniors fitbaa club, champions o Argentinae in Metropolitano 1969.

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