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Tapiales is located in Greater Buenos Aires
Coordinates: 34°42′21″S 58°30′17″W / 34.70583°S 58.50472°W / -34.70583; -58.50472Coordinates: 34°42′21″S 58°30′17″W / 34.70583°S 58.50472°W / -34.70583; -58.50472
Kintra Argentinae
ProvinceBuenos Aires
PartidoLa Matanza Partido
 • Total4.8 km2 (1.9 sq mi)
30 m (100 ft)
 (2001 census [INDEC])
 • Total15,158
 • Density3,200/km2 (8,200/sq mi)
CPA Base
B 1770
Area code(s)+54 011
WebsiteMunicipio de La Matanza: Tapiales

Tapiales is a toun in Argentinae. It is locatit in La Matanza Partido an shapes pairt o Greater Buenos Aires. Tapiales haed a population o 15,158 at the 2001 census.

Tapiales wis established in 1902 bi Agustín Elía alang the recently inauguratit Buenos Aires Wastren Railwey (Spaingie: Ferrocarril Oeste de Buenos Aires). Elía, who haed purchased the laund frae the estate o the late umwhile Vice Preses, Francisco Bernabé Madero, sauld the property in 1906 tae La Franco Argentina, a prominent Buenos Aires real estate company. Chacra de Los Tapiales ("adobe waw ranch"), biggit bi the Altolaguirre faimily in the early 19t century, gave the dounset its name an remains as a toun landmark.[1]

La Franco Argentina, in turn, sauld the laund in lots tae investors an prospective hameawners, an in 1908, the railwey, in which La Franco Argentina awned a stak, inauguratit a station at the steid, as well as a rail yard. The toun wis dividit geografically bi the openin o the Riccheri Freeway in 1952, biggit tae connect Buenos Aires tae the recently inauguratit Ministro Pistarini Internaitional Airport 8 mi (13 km) tae the soothwast.

Tapiales grew significantly in the subsequent decade wi the construction frae 1968 tae 1971 o a 900-unit cooperative hoosin complex bi El Hogar Obrero, a leadin firm in the Argentine cooperative muivement. It wis later chosen as the steid for the Buenos Aires Central Market; the naition's lairgest wholesale mercat, it wis inauguratit in Tapiales in 1984 tae replace the Abasto de Buenos Aires an is the toun's lairgest employer.

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