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Lomas de Zamora

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Lomas de Zamora
Lomas de Zamora is located in Greater Buenos Aires
Lomas de Zamora
Lomas de Zamora
Coordinates: 34°46′S 58°24′W / 34.767°S 58.400°W / -34.767; -58.400
Kintra Argentinae
Province Buenos Aires
PartidoLomas de Zamora
 • IntendantMartín Insaurralde (FpV)
20 m (70 ft)
 (2001 census [INDEC])
 • Total111,897
 • Density5589/km2 (14,480/sq mi)
CPA Base
B 1832
Area code(s)+54 11

Lomas de Zamora is a ceety in the province o Buenos Aires, Argentinae, locatit sooth o the Ceety o Buenos Aires an athin the metropolitan aurie o Greater Buenos Aires. It is the caipital o Lomas de Zamora Partido an haes a population o 111,897.


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Cathedral o Oor Lady o Peace
The Las Lomitas section
Hipólito Yrigoyen Avenue
Tomás Grigera Square

Lomas de Zamora is locatit in a region that oreeginally supportit livestock, grain, fruit, an poultry ferms. Present industries include meat packing, grain, an fruit processin, saw millin, an the manufactur o dairy products, chemicals, paper, rubber products, plastics, an leather guids.

The ceety is the steid o the tradeetional Lomas Athletic Club, a agricultural schuil an a airt museum. The Universidad de Lomas de Zamora (UNLZ) is ane o the maist important in the Greater Buenos Aires aurie. Foondit in 1864 as Ciudad de La Paz, the ceety wis gien its current name in 1910; the airt deco ceety haw wis inauguratit in 1938.

The ceety's local soccer team is Club Los Andes, uisually referred tae as the "Mil rayitas" or "The thoosan stripes" acause o the design o the team's offeecial t-shirt. Los Andes is currently playin in Argentinae's Naitional B Diveesion; the team's hame matches uisually brings thoosans o fans.

Eduardo Duhalde, a Justicialist Pairty figur electit mayor in 1983, wis electit Vice Preses o Argentinae in 1989, Govrenor o Buenos Aires Province in 1991, an wis appointit interim Preses o Argentinae, servin in 2002-03; he wis amang the candidates for the presidency in 2011.

Lomas de Zamora experiencit ane o the maist significant real estate booms in the Greater Buenos Aires aurie in the years follaein the 2001 creesis in Argentinae. This trend haes been maist evident alang Colombres Street (sooth o dountoun), creatin an upscale destrict popularly kent as Las Lomitas. Nearly 200 new residential heich-rises haed thus been completit bi 2011.[1]

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