Berisso Partido

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Partido de Berisso
Location o Berisso in Buenos Aires Province
Location o Berisso in Buenos Aires Province
Coordinates: 34°53′S 57°54′W / 34.883°S 57.900°W / -34.883; -57.900
Kintra Argentinae
Established 3 Apryle 1957
Foondit bi Provincial law 2959
Seat Berisso
 • Mayor Enrique Slezak, PJ
 • Tot 80,092
Demonym(s) berisense
Postal Code B1923
Aurie Code 0221

Berisso Partido is a smaw eastren partido o Buenos Aires Province in Argentinae.

The provincial subdiveesion haes a population o 80,092 inhabitants in a aurie o 135 km² (52 sq mi), an its caipital ceety is Berisso, which is locatit aroond 57 km (35 mi) frae Buenos Aires.

The destrict forms pairt o the historical territory o Greater La Plata, tae the sooth o Buenos Aires.

Berisso is hame tae Club Atlético Villa San Carlos, a fitbaa club who currently play in the regionalisit 3rd diveesion o Argentine fitbaa.

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