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Sumgayit (Azerbaijani: Sumqayıt; Roushie: Сумгаит; an aa, Sumgait an Sumqayyt) is a ceety in Azerbaijan, locatit near the Caspian Sea, aboot 30 kilometres away frae the caipital, Baku. The ceety haes a population o 308,700 (2009 census), makin it the third-lairgest ceety in Azerbaijan efter the caipital Baku an Ganja. The ceety haes a territory o 83 km². It wis foondit on November 22, 1949. Twa settlements are athin the ceety admeenistration: Corat an a dounset named efter Haji Zeynalabdin Taghiyev. It is hame tae Sumqayit State University.

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Coordinates: 40°35′30″N 49°38′23″E / 40.5917°N 49.6397°E / 40.5917; 49.6397