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Agdash Rayon

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Map of Azerbaijan showing Agdash Rayon
Map of Azerbaijan showing Agdash Rayon
 • Total1,050 km2 (410 sq mi)
 • Total93,100
 • Density89/km2 (230/sq mi)
Postal code
Telephone code193

Agdash (Azerbaijani: Ağdaş) is a rayon in central Azerbaijan. Agdash rayon consists o Leki dounset an 72 veelages. This rayon haes a favorable economic an geographic location. Turyan River an Kura River alang Sooth-Wast border extend through the territory o the rayon. Upper Shirvan Channel an aw crosses Agdash region. This aurie is surroondit bi Tugay forests alang Kura river bank, an Turyanchay State Preservation tae the north.

Agdash ceety wis established in 16t century locatit at Eresh on the silk road. The ceety locatit at convenient geographic place haein propitious wather conditions such as mild an dry subtropical climate. The Turianchay river, the Kur river an the Shirvan Canal crosses the territory. Thare are unique tugai forests alang the Kur, which end in Turanchay naitional pairk. An aw thare are bonnie gardens in Agdash. The territory o the region mainly consists o plain, law muntain chain Bozdag, o aboot 700 m. hicht locatit on the north pairt.

Population[eedit | eedit soorce]

Population Agdash 93.100, Azeris mak the basic population (98 %) aurie Agdash an the basic population o ceety Agdash, ither ethnic groups basicall Lezghins, Kurds, Tats, etc.

The average population density in the ceety equals tae 91 persons per square km. The distance atween Agdash rayon an caipital Baku is 249 km.

Economy[eedit | eedit soorce]

The core economy o the region is agricultur. Cotton-growin haes stairtit tae evolve syne the 19t century. Region haes a potential o producin 20-25 tons o cotton. Anither perspective aurie o the region is vegetable an fruit growin. Mairower, it is a priority tae develop rice-paddy growin in extremely salinity steids. Silk-wirm breedin is considered tae be ane o the auncient an traditional fields at the region.[1]

The industry is relatively developit in the rayon. The main industrial sector o the rayon is processin. Leki Ginning Factory produces seedless raw cotton which provides 75-85% o aw regional industrial production. In addition tae that, the region haes a developed plastic material an textile industry (Khosrov Metalplastmas Plant, Agdash Industrial Plant), feud industry (Agdash Bread-Makkin Plant, Agdash Foodstuffs Plant) an production o construction materials (Kukel Brick Plant). Recently, “Orelay” an “FA com BICA” sweets production enterprises, “Arash” ceulin watter an “Arshin Malchin” textile plants hae been put intae operation in the region.[2]

The region runs eddication, heal, social, recreational an public caterin facilities.[3] [4]

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Coordinates: 40°38′N 47°28′E / 40.633°N 47.467°E / 40.633; 47.467