Qabala Rayon

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Qabala Rayon
Cairt o Azerbaijan showin Qabala rayon
Population: 93,770[1]
Aurie (km².): 1,550
Telephone Code 0160
Caipital: Qabala
A watefaw in Gabala destrict o Azerbaijan
A lake in Gabala destrict o Azerbaijan
Qabala is an' a' an alternative spellin for Kabbalah

Qabala (Azerbaijani: Qəbələ) is a rayon o Azerbaijan. Its admeenistrative centre is the historic toun o Qəbələ, which in auncient times wis kent as the caipital o Caucasian Albanie.

Locatit here is a Soviet Era (1985) Qabala Radar — an early warnin radar seestem that is leased bi Roushie frae Azerbaijan for est. $7.5m annually till 2012.

The Preses o Roushie, Vladimir Putin haes proposed it as a possible steid for the common U.S.-Roushie Missile Defence seestem.

History[eedit | eedit soorce]

Qabala bears the name o the auncient Qabala, a ceety which wis the caipital o the auncient state o Caucasian Albanie. The ruins o the auld ceety are locatit 20 kilometers tae soothwast o the present centre o the destrict. The remnants o the lairge biggins, ceety gates, touer waws an patters o material cultur pruive that Gabala wis ane o the maist prominent ceeties at that time.

Auncient Gabala wes creatit as a ceety in the late 4t-early 3rd century B.C. an survived up tae the mid 18t century A.C. A great mony o chynges occurred in the life o the ceety throu the period o existence. Due tae different historical events the ceety wis damaged mair nor ance.

Tho the Roman troops attacked Albanie in the 60s B.C thay wur no able tae occupy Qabala. During the Sassani period, Qabala wis a lairge tred an handicraft center. The situation remained the same in the times o the Arabian caliphate. Tho Qabala experienced decline durin the Mongolian invasion in the 13t century, it wis restored later. Qabala lost its poseetions in the mid 18t century an the population gradually left the place.

The sma feudal state Qutqashen Sultanate wis established on the territory o Qabala in the mid 18t century. It wis later includit intae the Shaki Khanate an wis ruled bi the Shaki naibs appointit bi the khans o Shaki.

Follaein the dounfaw o the Shaki Khanate, Qutqashen sultanate wis included intae the Shaki province. The Qutqashen destrict wis creatit in 1930. The destrict wis renamed back tae Qabala in Mairch 1991, efter faw o the Soviet Union.

Climate[eedit | eedit soorce]

The geographical poseetion o region influences tae the density o river net, richness o land-plant kiver o region, upland relief an formation o complex climate condeetion in the vertical material fit. The damp- subtropical sea climate haes been refereed in the territory o the region 25 million years ago. Tumultuous rains, het wather conditions caused tae development o the thick ivergreen forest kiver. Thare existit climate condeetion for multifoliolate ivergreen an pourin leaves in an arid period o a year-in simmer lik climate condeetion o Mediterranean shores million o years ago. The last continental boulder-period happened in oor planet 10-12 thoosan years ago the heich an average upland territory covered wi muntain glacier, then in accordance wi climate warmin the glaciers hae meltit an diminished an haes approached tae the modren bundaries. Geographical poseetion o Gabala accordin tae the equator, tot sum o sun radiation (general an direct), difference o relief an surface kiver, characters o wather mass enterin tae the territory plays a great role formation o modren climate o Gabala. Aw shawn climate formin factors influence the amunt o temperatur an rainfaw, its distribution in a different degree in the territory o a region. The wather an climate conditions o Gabala investigate in meto station o the ceety an actin in the Nic dounset for a while in 1936.

The mony-month average Januar temperatur in the territory o Gabala chynges frae 00 tae 14 0 an Julie temperatur chynges accordin frae + 24 0 tae 2 0. Average annual temperature totals in the sooth + 10 0 - + 12 0 an in the north 00 - - 2 0.

Due tae opinion o academician, B.A. Budaghov, the hettest territory o the region observes in the direction o Gushlar-Kurd-Bayramkohka veelages an the maximum temperatur totals 410-420 herein. The minimum temperatur o the region is Bazarduzu peak (4466m) an faw o temperatur observes here nearly 50 0. The distribution o the rainfaw chynges in the direction frae north tae sooth. The least faw o annual rainfaw in the sooth o Hajalli an Malikli plains is 350–400 mm an the maist rainfaw in the north pairt is 1500-200 meter. Durin the researches it wis determined that the yearly rainfaw in the region in Mey-Juin is 25-30%.

Ethnic composition[eedit | eedit soorce]

The rayon haes a population o 93,770 fowk, 13,175 o which live in the regional toun centre Qabala an 80,595 reside in the veelages. The density is estimatit at 60.49 fowk per square kilometer. An average livin age is 70 year. 73,235 residents o Qabala rayon are ethnic Azerbaijanis, 4,640 are Udi, 209 are Turks an 37 are o ither naitionalities.[1]

Cultur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Thare are 16 cultur hooses, 31 clubs, a History cultur preserve, 69 libraries, an airt schuil, a Pictur Gallery, a cultur an a recreation Pairk, H. Aliyev Museum, Historical Ethnography Museum, Martyrs Museum an memorial hoose-museum o I.B. Gutgashinli which are branches o Historical Ethnography Museum accordin tae Gabala region Cultur an Tourism Sector.

Popular theatre named efter C. Mammadguluzada, “Chinar” instrumental ensemble acts in Region cultur hoose, “Zop-Zopu” folclor dance ensemble acts in Bum dounset cultur hoose, an “Changi” Udin folklore dance ensemble acts in Nij dounset cultur hoose.

Thare are 93 historical-cultural immuivable monuments unner Gabala region taken tae the state pertection accordin tae the order #132 datit on 02.08.2001 bi Cabinet o Meenisters o the Republic o Azerbaijan. Ane o them is includit tae the leet o Gabala ceety warld important airchaeological monuments accordin tae its importance degree. 8 airchitectures, 53 aircheological monuments, includes tae the leet o kintra important monuments, 9 airchitectur monuments, 16 aircheological monuments, 2 monumental an memory monuments, 4 decorative applee'd airt monuments is includit in the leet o historical cultural monuments haein local importance. Thare are 122 cultural institutions in the structur o Gabala region Cultur an Tourism Sector; amang them are Historical Ethnography Museum, H. Aliyev Museum, Picture Gallery, Airt schuil, Centralized Library seestem, Historical-Cultural Preserve, 16 cultural Hooses, 31 clubs an 27 libraries. Totally 411 fowk wirk in that sphere, 84 o them are heichlie educatit, 175 o them are average professional fowk an 209 o them are fowk wi general seicontary eddication.

Interestin events are regularly carriet oot in Region cultur hoose wi 450 seats. Thare are interestin plays in the repertoire o Popular Theatre named efter C. Mammadguluzada actin unner the branch o Hoose o Cultur.

Sport & Leisur[eedit | eedit soorce]

Qabala haes a profesional fitbaa team Gabala FC who currently play in the tap diveesion o Azerbaijan.

Notable fowk[eedit | eedit soorce]

The toun's maist famous resident is umwhile Inglis fitbawer Tony Adams, who manages the local team.

References[eedit | eedit soorce]

Coordinates: 40°58′53″N 47°50′45″E / 40.98139°N 47.84583°E / 40.98139; 47.84583