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Lerik Rayon

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Cairt o Azerbaijan showin Lerik rayon
Cairt o Azerbaijan showin Lerik rayon

Lerik Rayon is a rayon locatit near the Iranian mairch in soothren Azerbaijan, atween the taw muntains o the Talysh Muntains an the agricultural plain o the Lankaran Lawland.

  • Population: 71.200

Lerik is mainly famous for the langevity o some o its fowk. It is kent for myths o human langevity; a man cried Shirali Baba Muslimov, born in the clachan o Barzavu, wha wis reportit bi the Guinness Book of Records tae hae been aged 168 when he dee'd, an wis believed tae hae lived atween 1805 an 1973.[1] The population o the Lerik rayon is evenly dividit atween Azeris an Talysh - baith populations are spreid athort baith sides o the mairch.

Locatit in Lerik is a local history museum an the Karabakh war memorial, locatit atween o the parade grund an the modest ceety haw. Lerik is an aw a guid stairtin pynt for hikin.

Lerik can be reached frae Lankaran uisin the A323 road. It is a vera scenic route alang the Lankaran river an the Hirkan National Park. Buses run regularly tae Lankaran an Baku. The maximum annual precipitation in Lerik an the Talysh Muntains is atween 1,600 mm tae 1,800 mm, which alang the Lankaran Lawland is the heichest precipitation in the kintra.


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Coordinates: 38°47′00″N 48°25′00″E / 38.78333°N 48.41667°E / 38.78333; 48.41667