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Khizi Rayon

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Xızı (Khizi)
Map o Azerbaijan showin Xizi rayon
Map o Azerbaijan showin Xizi rayon
Population (1999): 13,080
Aurie (km2.): 1,850
Caipital: Xızı

Khizi (Xızı) is the least-populous rayon o Azerbaijan. Its caipital is the veelage o Xızı. The rayon haes a remarkable variety o landscapes. On the flat Caspian coast there are irrigatit cattle an chicken-breedin[1] lawlands aroond Shurabad. Wast o Giläzi, the Xızı road climbs gently through stripily coloured semi-desert landscapes kent as the Candy Cane Muntains.[2] Aroond 10 km wast o Xızı toun, the green, hivily forestit hills aroond Alti Agach which haes been declared a Altyaghach Naitional Pairk. The naitional pairk is hame tae the rare East Caucasie Tur, a muntain dwellin goat antelope foond anerlie in the eastren hauf o the Caucasus Muntains.[3]

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