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Goygol Rayon

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Cairt o Azerbaijan showin Xanlar rayon
Cairt o Azerbaijan showin Xanlar rayon

Goygol (Azerbaijani: Göygöl) is a rayon (destrict) in northwastren Azerbaijan. Umwhile kent as Khanlar, the region wis renamit "Goygol" efter Lake Goygol, the famous blue lake, bi the decision o the Parliament o Azerbaijan on 25 Aprile 2008.[1][2] The admeenistrative centre o the rayon is the ceety o Goygol.

The ceety o Goygol wis foondit as the German dounset o Helenendorf in 1819 an wis renamit as Khanlar (Xanlar) in 1938.

The rayon wis established in 1930 unner the name o Khanlar, an in 1992 the territory that wis tae acome Samukh Rayon wis separatit frae Khanlar. Goygol rayon nou covers an aurie o 1,030 km² an haes a population o 54,000. The ceety o Goygol is the lairgest toun, follaeed bi Hajimelik. Important veelages are: Balchili, Gushgara, Chayli, Mollajalilli, an Topalhasanli.

Access tae the soothren portions o the rayon is restrictit due tae its proximity tae Nagorno-Karabakh an the airmistice line thare.

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Coordinates: 40°35′N 46°18′E / 40.583°N 46.300°E / 40.583; 46.300