Jabrayil Rayon

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Cairt o Azerbaijan showin Cabrayil rayon
Cairt o Azerbaijan showin Cabrayil rayon

Jabrayil (Cəbrayıl) is a rayon o Azerbaijan. The region wis occupeed in 1993 an haes been controlled bi the breakway Nagorno-Karabakh Republic, as pairt o its Hadrut Province, syne the Nagorno-Karabakh War. Accordin tae the last 1989 Soviet census, thare wur 49,156 fowk in the rayon.[1] According tae undated Azerbaijani data, the population of the rayon wis 62,100.[2] Jabrail rayon haes productive soils, afore o war the population maistly wis involvit in agricultur. Jabrail haes it's soothren borders wi Iran.

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